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5 Reasons People Of Ireland Love Dogs

People around the world love dogs, and this includes the people of Ireland. There are many reasons why the people of Ireland love dogs. If you want to find out what the top five reasons are, then continue to read on.

1. Enjoy The Outdoors

People in Ireland love dogs because it means they always have a companion to go outdoors with. Ireland is home to a diverse landscape, and people love to explore their local areas and areas across Ireland, but they often don’t want to do it on their own. When they have a dog, they’re able to bring him/her to explore the beaches, countryside, go on treks and much more. The bottom line is people throughout Ireland bring their dogs everywhere.

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2. Exercise

Let’s not forget to mention that dogs in general force and encourage their owners to exercise, and this is because dogs require exercise. People throughout Ireland remain quite active with their dogs, such as bringing them for daily walks, running around with them in their gardens or a local part. Many people throw balls and sticks for their dogs to chase, and this is another form of exercise for both the owner and the dog.


In turn, people tend to remain healthy or improve their health. In fact, there are people who weren’t that active until they got a dog. Improving overall health via exercising is another major reason people of Ireland love dogs.

3. Friendship

Friendship is another reason why people of Ireland can’t get enough of dogs. When someone owns a dog, they’ll always have someone there by their side. It’s a well-known fact that dogs can help with conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression. Furthermore, dogs can make people feel less lonely, which is important especially for the elderly.

Whether you’re elderly, middle aged or young, everyone needs friends. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have friends or go out to make them. This is why getting a dog is a good idea.

4. Protection

Dogs protect their owners, and this is another reason why people in Ireland love them. Sure, there are many safe areas of the country, but you can never be too careful, especially when you spend a lot of time alone. When someone owns a dog, they have peace of mind knowing their four-legged friend will protect them in the event something bad happens.

Dogs protect homes too. When someone goes out to run errands or have to go to work, they’ll know their homes are in good hands when they have a dog. Dogs are a great deterrent for crimes, and this is regardless of the breed.

5. Socialisation
Throughout Ireland, there are many rural areas and this can make meeting and having conversations with others a bit difficult. However, people of Ireland love dogs because they often have the chance to socialise with other people when they’re out and about with their dogs, even in rural areas. Whether it’s out in the countryside or the streets of Dublin or the shores of Galway, dog owners in Ireland typically have no problems finding people to socialise with, even if it’s for brief periods of time on short walks.

The people of Ireland love dogs because they always have someone to go outdoors with, as well as for companionship. Dogs also play a role in getting people to exercise and they provide protection. Not only that, but dogs gives people the chance to socialise with other dog owners or people they come across on their daily walks. Those are only a few reasons why the people of Ireland love dogs.

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